Petmate vision is to see a world, where all pets have someone with whom they can spend some of their quality time & share their golden moments and cherish together
Petmate mission statement is to give a platform to all petizens to network, could it be to just find a friend or a soulmate and ensure that each pet has either a soulmate or a BFF.
Yes, you can add multiple pets from the same profile. However, for checking the relevant matches you would have to switch profiles accordingly.
Check if the mobile number is correct. IF the mobile number is correct, click on resend OTP.
If you have logged out of the OTP then the system will again ask for OTP. Don't log out of the application in case you don’t want an OTP check every time. OTP is a security check feature to ensure that the same mobile registered user is logging in as per the mobile number registered for the profile
The health certificate is a certificate certifying that all vaccines are done for your pet then you can upload the health certificate. It will help you get also matches where some users have selected the health certificate option as mandatory while setting the search criteria.
You can add a maximum of 5 pics of each pet.
Selection of multiple breeds will be added in our next update, till then you can select manually the breed and search accordingly. You can select the SELECT ANY option it will then show you all the breeds.
You can select Others or select the breed which is closest to your breed and also inform us in the contact us section, so we can get that breed added. IN the interim you can select any and it will show all breeds.
Since the phone no is registered via OTP, you can't change the phone number once it is verified. You need to register again from the other number and recreate the profile.
As far as your number is the same, it will maintain your profile.
Once you have liked a profile, it will show in the notifications section and not show in the home section. Once the other user also likes the profile you will be able to chat with the user.
If you have multiple pets then you can select that pet and click on switch profile so the app will check for matches for that particular pet.
Top picks are arrived as per the no. of likes received by each profile. The profile which has received the maximum number of likes are displayed as top picks.
Petmate doesn’t validate any health certificate. You need to cross check yourself.
You can go to settings and delete your account.
You can go to settings and delete your account.
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